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These birth defects survivors fought back and are sharing their stories.

OUR CLIENTS ARE THE REASON WE FIGHT FOR JUSTICE. Their personal stories inspire our team of birth defects lawyers, and we care about each and every one. Our clients aren’t victims — they’re survivors. They were brave enough to fight back and win against corporations who exposed them to dangerous chemicals that caused birth defects. These are their stories.

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Meet Yvette and Mark Flores

In December 1979, Yvette Flores gave birth to her son Mark. Mark Flores, who suffers from dislocated hips, cross-eyes and blood blisters, has had profound disabilities from birth.

At her job as a clean room worker at Spectra-Physics, Ms. Flores worked to fuse together glass tubes for lasers, using a spray gun and blowtorch to apply a green-colored adhesive to glass tubes. As part of these duties, she was routinely exposed to lead and methanol — chemicals that can cause severe birth defects for unborn babies.

But despite the dangers of these toxic chemicals, Yvette was never warned by her employer of the harmful, long term effects of exposure to these toxic chemicals. Her son Mark, now 41 years old, still suffers from life-altering birth defects that were caused by his mother’s exposure to toxic chemicals while she was pregnant with him.

Yvette Flores contacted the attorneys in our birth defects victims alliance once she discovered the connection between her work in the semiconductor industry and her son Mark’s severe disabilities. With the help of our birth defects victims attorneys alliance, the Flores family was able to receive a substantial settlement in 2013, shortly before a trial was set to begin for the case.

One of the lawyers who worked with the team of birth defects attorneys on Ms. Flores’ lawsuit said this about the case:
“What we have seen is a pattern of the [semiconductor manufacturing] industry as a whole ignoring the rights and safety of their employees and their employees’ unborn children for the sake of profit.”

If you or a loved one has also suffered from birth defects as a result of exposure to toxic chemicals just before or during pregnancy like the Flores family, you could also receive justice. Call us at 866.901.6897 to discuss your potential birth defects lawsuit.