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Every 4.5 minutes, a baby is born with a birth defect in the U.S.


Dangerous chemicals that cause birth defects are often used in many workplaces, especially high-tech manufacturing and semiconductor factories and agricultural job places, like farms and nurseries. Energy production workers in coal, fracking, and oil & gas also use harmful chemicals that cause birth defects.

These birth defects can occur when chemicals are inhaled, ingested or absorbed through the skin by either the mother or father, especially during pregnancy. A parent’s exposure to toxic chemicals can cause their unborn children to suffer major birth defects, and can cause their reproductive organs to become damaged. Many people are surprised to learn that this sort of damage can occur before pregnancy on the mother’s and the father’s side.

Parents with damaged reproductive body parts may not be able to have healthy babies, and those with damaged chromosomes pass on the damage to their unborn children in the form of birth defects or reproductive injuries. Common birth defects caused by toxic chemicals include brain damage, spina bifida, muscular dystrophy, and developmental delays. But those are just a few.

It’s not just workplaces that are affected. Leftover chemicals from coal plants are placed in coal ash dump sites near residential communities. These chemicals leak into the water and air, and nearby people are exposed. Energy production sites where fracking occurs can also put local residents at risk of exposure to chemicals, which can harm their reproductive systems, and cause their future children to be born with birth defects.


Many birth defects can be caused by a mother’s or father’s exposure to toxic chemicals while at work, especially during pregnancy.

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What toxic chemicals are the causes of birth defects?

TOXIC CHEMICALS THAT CAUSE BIRTH DEFECTS are used in many industries, including high tech and electronics manufacturing, agriculture and farming and coal. The chemicals used in electronic cleanroom environments to make technology or semiconductor parts are very dangerous. In agriculture, pesticides and other chemicals are connected to birth defects and reproductive problems. Coal ash contains heavy metals, which even when exposed to at low levels have been known to cause birth defects.

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What Conditions can be caused by Toxic Exposure?

TOXIC EXPOSURE CAN CAUSE A WIDE RANGE OF BIRTH DEFECTS, but some of the most common birth defects caused by toxic chemicals include brain damage, spina bifida, muscular dystrophy, and developmental delays. Heart defects, facial abnormalities, missing or malformed limbs or organs are also common conditions associated with toxic exposure. But these are just a few of the many birth defects caused by toxic exposure. Learn more about the many other types of birth defects and conditions caused by chemical exposure.

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What resources are available for birth defect victims?

If your or your child’s birth defect is caused by toxic exposure, someone is to blame. You don’t have to fight this alone. There are many resources available to help families who have a child with a birth defect, and many places to turn to find out more and to get help for the difficulties that come with raising a child with birth defects. In addition to these resources, you may be able to find justice.
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Frequently asked questions

Those who are victims of birth defects or have a child with a birth defect probably have a lot of questions. What causes toxic exposure? Who is to blame? How can I get justice? We’ve put together an extensive list of frequently asked questions to help guide you through finding answers to your birth defects questions. If you have more questions, you can reach out to talk with one of our birth defect lawyers at any time. You’re not alone. We are here ready to help you.
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