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Thousands of workers who deal with dangerous chemicals like solvents, pesticides, and heavy metals on the job have had children born with severe birth defects.

THESE BIRTH DEFECTS ARE LINKED TO THE PARENTS’ EXPOSURE TO TOXIC CHEMICALS IN THE WORKPLACE — caused by companies who knew the risks of toxic exposure but did not protect them.

Industries and companies that deal with toxic substances often fail to protect their workers from being exposed. In manufacturing plants, fields, farms, energy plants, and job sites across the country, workers are exposed to toxins daily that put them at risk of having a child with birth defects.

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Companies alleged in lawsuits to have used chemicals linked to birth defects

  • Advanced Micro Devices (AMD)
  • Applied Materials
  • ATMI
  • Boeing
  • Digital Equipment Corp (DEC) / Hewlett Packard
  • IBM
  • Monsanto
  • Motorola / Freescale / On Semiconductor
  • National Semiconductor
  • Optek Technology
  • Pfizer
  • Quanta Computer USA0
  • Quanta Manufacturing
  • Rogers Corporation
  • Signetics / NXP
  • Sony
  • Sparton Technologies
  • Spectra Physics
  • Texas Instruments
  • Western Digital

If your company is not listed here, that does not mean you may not have been exposed to toxic chemicals on the job. Speak with one of our attorneys to see if your workplace could be to blame for birth defects.