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Our team of birth defects victims attorneys has over 40 years of experience fighting for victims like you.

YOU CAN GET LEGAL HELP FROM OUR BIRTH DEFECTS VICTIMS ATTORNEYS WHO HAVE FOUGHT FOR THE RIGHTS OF WORKERS WITH CHILDREN WITH BIRTH DEFECTS CAUSED BY TOXIC CHEMICAL EXPOSURE. We can help you fight corporate wrongdoing that exposed you to toxic chemicals on the job with a birth defects lawsuit. If you or your child has suffered from birth defects like spina bifida, muscular dystrophy or brain damage, you can get justice. Get the legal help you deserve with our attorneys who have over three decades of experience fighting for victims of birth defects.

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How can I use legal help to fight back against toxic chemical exposure?

Companies who failed to protect workers from exposure to toxic chemicals can be liable for birth defects suffered due to exposure. Workers who have children with birth defects can fight back against corporations who put them in danger.

Filing a birth defects lawsuit against a corporation at fault for birth defects caused by toxic chemical exposure is not always simple, but it is possible. The most important part of filing a birth defects lawsuit is selecting an experienced team of birth defects lawyers who know the relevant laws in each state. Working with an experienced team of scientists, medical experts, and legal professionals who have fought for people like you will give you the best chance of receiving justice for birth defects. Learn more about contacting a birth defects lawyer today.

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Is it difficult to find liability for birth defects?

Uncovering who is liable for what in a birth defects case can be a complex process. But with a team of experienced birth defects lawyers, extensive medical resources and experts in the field, finding liability for your or your child’s birth defects is possible.

Discovering which chemicals the mother or father have been exposed to and caused you or your child to develop a birth defect is the first step in finding liability for birth defects. There are over 650,000 hazardous chemicals used in U.S. workplaces, and many of them are known to be directly linked to causing birth defects. Workers in technology and semiconductor manufacturing, agriculture and farming, energy production, and in other industries like manufacturing of airplanes, automobiles, plastics, and paint manufacturing are especially at risk of having a child born with birth defects.

If you or a loved one worked in one of these industries and now has a child with birth defects, your employer could be to blame for not protecting you against toxic chemical exposure on the job. View the full list of job sites, companies, industries, and chemicals linked to birth defects.

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What does a birth defects lawsuit look like?

Each birth defect is unique, just like each birth defects case is unique. But when you file a birth defects lawsuit with our alliance, there are three main phases your lawsuit will have: intake and evaluation, pre-trial discovery, and trial. Find out more about what to expect when filing a birth defects lawsuit, and get the justice you deserve with the help of a birth defects lawyer.

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Why work with us?

There’s a reason birth defects victims turn to us to fight their cases. Our alliance has over 40 years of combined experience fighting for families suffering from birth defects, and we have specific experience in semiconductor and electronics manufacturing, pesticides, and coal, fracking and energy production. Our experience paired with our long list of verdicts and financial recoveries for our clients are the reasons people turn to us for the tough cases.

When you work with our alliance to file a birth defects lawsuit, we will use everything we have to get you and your family the justice you deserve. The quality and experience, talent, and character of our team of birth defects attorneys is unmatched. We are able to represent you and your family one-on-one, investigate the complex science behind your or your child’s birth defect, establish medical causation, tell the story of massive harm done, and are prepared to take each case to trial.

Our alliance of birth defects lawyers fight on behalf of workers across the country who have been exposed to toxic chemicals on the job. We have recovered a long list of verdicts and financial recoveries received for our clients — and we are standing by to help you, too. If you have a child with birth defects and were exposed to toxic chemicals, we can help you get justice. You don’t have to fight this alone.

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How can I get my birth defects case reviewed?

We are standing by and ready to talk with you about your potential birth defects case. If you or your child suffer from birth defects caused by chemical exposure, we can evaluate your case for free.

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