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40 years of legal experience fighting for birth defects victims.

WE’RE NOT AFRAID TO HOLD LARGE CORPORATIONS ACCOUNTABLE, AND HAVE REPRESENTED OUR CLIENTS IN SUITS AGAINST BIG ELECTRONICS COMPANIES like IBM, Intel, HP, Motorola, and many others. We’ve also gone up against agricultural pesticide giants like Monsanto and Bayer, and commercial growers Well-Pict Berries, T.T. Miyasaka Inc., and Soilfume Inc. on behalf of farm workers — and helped them receive justice for birth defects caused by toxic exposure.

When you work with our birth defects victim attorney alliance, we’ll start with the intake phase. The intake process is simply an information gathering process where you’ll work one-on-one with one of our attorneys to discuss your and your partner’s work history, medical history, and reproductive and health complications you have experienced. When you contact us about your potential case, we’ll also take a look at your job history, too.

Understanding who’s liable for what in a birth defects case can be a complex issue, so we need to conduct a thorough investigation before we’re able to decide who is to blame for your child’s birth defects. Once we’re able to find liability for birth defects caused by toxic chemical exposure, we can prepare to take your case to court.

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What does a birth defects lawsuit look like?

Each case is unique, but when you file a birth defects lawsuit and a birth defects victim attorney represents you, there are usually three key phases of a lawsuit — intake and evaluation, pre-trial discovery, and the trial.

During intake, we will begin with careful evaluation of your and your partner’s medical records, your unique work history, and establishing a timeline of when exposure to toxic chemicals could have occurred. Once a link has been established between your or your child’s birth defects and exposure to chemicals, a petition will be filed.

During the discovery phase, the defendant and you will be able to ask and answer questions under oath about your birth defects case. This phase of a birth defects lawsuit can last weeks or sometimes months. Once the discovery phase has been completed, a trial date can be set.

Once there is a trial date, a lawsuit can be prepared by and presented by a birth defects litigation attorney. If the defendant chooses to settle the claims before a trial, your legal team will help you review the agreement before accepting a settlement amount. Otherwise, your case will go to trial for a jury to decide. The verdict decided on by the jury will determine whether or not the defendant is responsible for your or your child’s birth defect, and how much compensation you should be owed.

Our alliance of birth defects attorneys takes cases on a contingency fee basis — meaning you will not have to pay anything until a recovery is made in your case. If no recovery is made, no fees or expenses are owed.

Filing a lawsuit against a corporation at fault for birth defects caused by toxic chemical exposure is not always simple, so it is important to work with an experienced birth defects attorney who knows the relevant laws in each state. It’s also important to file a birth defects lawsuit with a team of lawyers who are willing and able to investigate the complex science behind your or your child’s birth defect, establish medical causations, tell the story of massive harm done — and most importantly, take your case to trial. Find out more about filing a birth defects lawsuit.

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