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You are not alone. Many resources exist for birth defect victims.

YOU CAN FIND OUT MORE ABOUT THE BIRTH DEFECT YOU OR YOUR CHILD HAS THROUGH THESE RESOURCES. Some of them include links to help find support for your family. Additional nonprofits and government agencies are involved heavily in researching and finding cures for birth defects. This extensive list also includes some resources that actively monitor the causes of birth defects, especially environmental and workplace-related toxins, as well as helpful groups that can provide background information on the ongoing danger facing regular workers and families trying to keep their families safe.

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There are many questions to think about when hiring a law firm to fight for you. To help, we have assembled answers to the questions we are most commonly asked by victims of birth defects.

What causes toxic exposure? Who is to blame? How can I get justice? Answers to these questions can help guide you through receiving justice for birth defects. If you have more questions, you can reach out to talk with one of our birth defect lawyers at any time. You’re not alone. We are here ready to help you.
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Boeing Exposed Workers to Birth-Defect Causing Chemicals

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