Deadly Secrets: When Companies Hide, Alter Safety Findings

Two recent reports highlight the lengths that corporations will go to suppress details about the safety of their products. In Europe, pesticide...

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Toxic ‘Forever Chemicals’ Found in Farmland and Water Supplies

Forever chemicals are seemingly everywhere, and contamination from these dangerous compounds is showing up everywhere from our drinking water to the...

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Heavy Equipment Manufacturers Expose Workers to Toxic Chemicals

A Seattle-based heavy equipment manufacturer has been fined $2 million for 175 safety workplace violations, including toxic airborne chemicals and...

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Texas fracking PFAS birth defects attorney

Secretive Fracking Processes Expose Texans to Toxic ‘Forever Chemicals’

Oil and gas drilling techniques known as fracking, or hydraulic fracturing, have been credited with extracting far more oil and natural gas than...

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fracking birth defects

Fracking Increases Birth Defect Risks for Pregnant Mothers

Babies born to mothers living near oil and gas production fracking sites are at greater risk of birth defects due to toxic exposure, according to the...

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Cancer Alley polluters Louisiana

‘Cancer Alley’ polluters in EPA crosshairs

The federal government has reached a settlement with a German-based chemical company as part of a crackdown on toxic emissions along an 85-mile...

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PFAS military exposure

Pentagon Health Study Undercounts Toxic Exposure

The government has severely underestimated — potentially by hundreds of thousands — the number of people at military bases across the country...

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VOCs in household products

VOC Chemicals: The Danger is Inside the House

More than 5,000 tons of 33 potentially harmful chemicals known as volatile organic compounds, or VOCs, were released in California in 2020, according...

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Ohio train derailment toxic chemicals

Ohio Train Derailment Raises Concerns About Region’s Hidden Toxins

The community of East Palestine, Ohio, was thrust into the national spotlight following the February 2023 derailment of a Norfolk Southern train...

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Sea level rise toxic exposure

Sea level rise exposes minority communities to toxic sites

Rising seas threaten coastal areas with flood-related contamination from toxic sites that dot the coastline. Marginalized communities are expected to...

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